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Where Branding Begins

The original roots of branded apparel. screen printing has stood the test of time and is built to last. SCREENPRINTING FIRST DATES BACK to 1907, patented by samuel simon. since then, new innovative ways to print have been introduced to the industry as well as different types of ink and applications.

Get Creative


Your standard ink. High opacity print visuals with a durable hand feel. Great for fleece, cotton, poly and mix blends. 100% pantone matching.


Soft hand feel. Vintage/ faded look. Prints best on 100% cotton, more vibrant prints on lighter garments.

Puff Printing

Your standard ink, upgraded. When using plastisol ink, our puff additive results in expanded and colorful prints that have a great hand feel.

High Density

The athletic print. High density is great for corporate polos, hats and more. Best for 1 – 2 color prints with a thick and heavy hand feel. Durable over time

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